My Pocket Watches just out of storage.

Thread: My Pocket Watches just out of storage.

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    My Pocket Watches just out of storage.

    Hi all,

    I mainly post over on the DOXA forum as I am afraid I have turned into somewhat of a Vintage Doxa Sub nut.

    Before I started with wristwatches and then vintage DOXA sub's I collected Pocket Watches. I have had these stored for two years so I thought I would share them with you and a couple of close ups of my favourites.

    I know they are not worth much but I still love them and enjoy giving them a polish and a wind. There is nothing quite like the sound of 10 pocket watches ticking away it also drives my wife nuts


    I have a few more secreted away but they are mainly non-runners and in need of work.

    ROLEX (my most expensive one)

    I had to have this one as I absolutely love the dial on it plus its the only chance I will have of owning a ROLEX.

    No 1 MOVEMENT (my prize one)

    This was my horologists pride and joy and it took me ages to pry it away from him, I love the fact that its someones first ever watch they made.

    WALTHAM (my first pocket watch)

    I picked this up at a local auction for £20 a few years back and its probably responsible for this WIS bug.

    PRIDHAM (my favourite movement)

    I love the engraving on this movement, it was disgusting when I got it but my horologist worked wonders but sadly the chain snapped about two months after its service and we have yet to find a replacement so its a non runner.


    Too many watches

    Ohhhh and a Doxa Sub Conquistador !!!!!!

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    Re: My Pocket Watches just out of storage.

    Some beautiful pieces and thanks for sharing them. The Waltham dates to approx. 1900, the Rolex is a 20th century watch I'd say. The two English levers look like 1850-1870 to me.

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    Re: My Pocket Watches just out of storage.

    Nice watch collection I would try to find another watch maker I had the same problem with one.One watch repair guy wanted nothing to do with it and then I found one that worked magic.

    Here is my problem child it works great today

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    Re: My Pocket Watches just out of storage.

    They look great, the Rolex especially.

    The one on the right, open face with the gold case and hands, the one with the crown - what is that? What brand, I mean? Looks nice.
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