My Pre/war Doxa

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    My Pre/war Doxa

    "Let's go vintage racing"

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    Re: My Pre/war Doxa

    Made in Ukraine.That redial is leaving me speechless.
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    Re: My Pre/war Doxa

    Quote Originally Posted by jedanzoom View Post
    Made in Ukraine.That redial is leaving me speechless.
    It could have been made in Bulgaria also.
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    Re: My Pre/war Doxa

    Yup, former pocket watch converted/bastardised by Ukrainian craftsmen/butchers

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    Re: My Pre/war Doxa

    Movement is by FHF for what it's worth. E.g.:

    bidfun-db FHF_001_18.5H5: FHF 1 18.5'''H5

    (...exact calibre depending on size, lepine vs. savonette, etc.)

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: My Pre/war Doxa

    Hi ncmoto,

    we see a few of these - remanufactured watches coming out of the former eastern block countries, the Ukraine is particularly famous in this respect.

    They take a pocketwatch, remove the pendant, solder on lugs and then fit a new 'conversion' dial so that the watch can be worn on the wrist. They sometimes even make a new case from scratch - but not yours. I am certain the movement is not original to the case.

    As your sub-seconds dial is at the '9' position your watch was originally an 'open-face' pocket watch with the winder at '12'.

    As far as being a collectable watch - this aspect of the watch has been lost. Such watches should not passed off as original as they are modern conversions usually in the mil style. The real problem is the questionable sales techniques with which these watches are often sold on ebay which end up in defrauding watch enthusiasts. There is also the occasional loss of a significant quality pocket watch - although many of course are not.

    I hope you bought your watch as a conversion (some are advertised as such) to use and wear purely as a watch and nothing more, and are not surprised by the responses in this thread. At least your watch doesn't have fake WWII German or other bogus military symbols.

    Personally I would find it too large and heavy to wear comfortably - and beware, a pocket watch of this size has a very large balance, and these are easier to break compared to a very much smaller wristwatch of the same period.
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    Re: My Pre/war Doxa

    Real ones are out there.
    I have an authentic early Doxa that I wish I could get repaired, but these movements are rare. The movement in mine is about 22mm. Been looking for a donor for a couple years.

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