my small collec-tron (pun intended)
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Thread: my small collec-tron (pun intended)

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    my small collec-tron (pun intended)

    I'd like to show a few watches I have, with names ending on -tron.

    The core of this bunch are Citizen Cosmotron watches 78xx (Specials) series. This are advanced electrics, and there's a lot to like about them (imho). They have 36 vph rate, pushing date-day change system, special zeroing pusher at 7 (they are sometimes referred to as "one minute chrono" because of that rare feature), great-looking monocoque cases (not every model) and funky 70s design. There's a detailed description at Sweephand's website if you are interested to read more about them. Here A photo from there, describing what is "special" abut the Specials

    Name:  7803specialjusatsettinginstruction_zpspj1jfsnp.jpg
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Size:  77.4 KB

    So I've collected a bunch of them, and I also have a few watches from other brands, that used similar naming pattern (I guess that was pretty popular back then). I thought it would be nice to show them in a single thread. And now, some photos...

    A group shot of Citizen cosmotrons in monocoque cases (I have a few more, but they need some more work)

    Name:  20170314_180232.jpg
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Size:  1.09 MB

    Name:  20160312_142414.jpg
Views: 188
Size:  2.36 MB

    Name:  20160713_125856.jpg
Views: 186
Size:  2.08 MB

    Name:  20160830_134950.jpg
Views: 184
Size:  2.10 MB

    Name:  20161213_123544.jpg
Views: 182
Size:  1.36 MB

    Name:  20170211_155509.jpg
Views: 172
Size:  2.33 MB

    Name:  DSC_0519.JPG
Views: 167
Size:  1.81 MB

    The caseback

    Name:  DSC_0546.jpg
Views: 165
Size:  1.08 MB


    Name:  IMG_20151029_210843.jpg
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Size:  1.15 MB

    Some other Cosmotrons

    Name:  20170314_180419.jpg
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Size:  2.60 MB

    The red dial is a regular screwback case, the blue dial is 7804 (no zeroing pusher) and the green dial is GX - Citizen's specific tuning fork movement

    Name:  20161022_132117.jpg
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    Name:  20170204_123853.jpg
Views: 157
Size:  1.71 MB

    Name:  20170130_150454.jpg
Views: 154
Size:  1.42 MB

    Name:  20161205_133346.jpg
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Size:  1.05 MB

    GX movement

    Name:  20161206_151242.jpg
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    GX next to the older brother

    Name:  20170314_163819.jpg
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Size:  2.20 MB

    Name:  20170314_163739.jpg
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Size:  2.26 MB

    And now for some other -trons

    Rado Marstron and Technos Technotron - both rocking electric ESA 9154 Dynotron

    Name:  20170201_142946.jpg
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Size:  2.04 MB

    Name:  20161122_131417.jpg
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Size:  1.17 MB

    Name:  20161007_123538.jpg
Views: 135
Size:  2.28 MB

    And a surprise guest - non-electric, but still -tronic Technos Hibeatron

    Name:  20161013_143026.jpg
Views: 133
Size:  1.08 MB

    Name:  20161005_210123.jpg
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Size:  1.19 MB

    Thanks for reading, if you have spare Movado Datron - you know whom to give it as a gift ; )
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    Re: my small collec-tron (pun intended)

    What a great post and and a cool niche collection. Thanks for sharing!
    I'm on Instagram if you want to see more: wigglywigglyworm

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    Re: my small collec-tron (pun intended)

    Nice collection. It would seem that Citizen offered a line of electric/electronic watches also. I guess to compete with Seiko's Elnix and Hamilton's Electronic watches. I am guessing that the Citizen with the single coil tuning fork was a cheaper alternative to the Citizen HiSonic. It looks like Citizen adapted and modified the Bulova 219 for this watch.

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    Re: my small collec-tron (pun intended)

    @journeyforce I'd say Citizen had a bigger (and IMHO better) electrics line then Seiko and Ricoh-Hamilton. Citizen and Bulova have cooperated on developing late tuning fork movements. I've taken apart one of the Citizen GX movement. From the design of it, my guess that it's an 219 prototype that went into production for Citizen, but not for Bulova.

    New addition: Rado Marstron Z
    Not sure what Z stands for. This version of Marstron is sometimes referred as Jumbo, but it's only 1mm bigger then the usual Marstron
    Name:  20170609_114411.jpg
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Size:  1.85 MB

    Name:  20170609_115216.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  1.31 MB

    Family shot
    Name:  20170608_195601.jpg
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Size:  1.69 MB

    Japanese ad from Watchcarefully
    Name:  207074_942_orig.jpg
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