My very first demi-hunter...
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Thread: My very first demi-hunter...

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    My very first demi-hunter...

    Hi all!

    Today I've just received what's probably one of the best deals I've ever made.
    A Waltham Traveler in demi-hunter case:

    Name:  DSC00086.JPG
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    The watch listed on a Polish website was described as 'once working, but fell and stopped'.
    You all know what that means. Everyone knows, so there was just one single bidder and the watch sold for about $80. Not exactly a true bargain, but I thought adequate for a broken Traveler.
    In fact - what's the problem? I could just buy parts or even a while movement if needed, and the case looked very nice.

    Name:  DSC00088.JPG
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    The watch has a mint enamel dial with original hands. Not mint - it has a single hairline crack going from the center hole to the sub dial. Otherwise mint, I tell you :)

    Name:  DSC00087.JPG
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    The LOVELY case is a Dennison gold filled one...

    Name:  DSC00084.JPG
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    ...guaranteed for 25 years.
    Even better, it is a factory case!

    Name:  DSC00083.JPG
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    And the movement:

    Name:  DSC00081.JPG
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    It's an 11 jewel Traveler in very decent condition as well...

    Name:  DSC00079.JPG
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    And now - the bonus!

    Name:  DSC00078.JPG
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    Yes, that's the only damage I see.
    After re-installing the roller table it started ticking.
    It evidently needs new oils to run, but it's just fine.
    A happy day, I'd say :) !
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    Have a great day!!!

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    Re: My very first demi-hunter...

    Wow congratulations. What a beautiful piece!

    Sent from my cracked, broken hand wound phone. IG @morning_tundra

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    Re: My very first demi-hunter...

    And another pretty cool Waltham watch that arrived today...

    Name:  DSC00094.JPG
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    Taken apart:

    Name:  DSC00078.JPG
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    Clearly a Waltham. It's a 12 size this time, though it's difficult to tell apart the 12 and 16 size Walthams of the time at first glance, as they were designed very similarly.

    Name:  DSC00079.JPG
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    You need to install the winding/setting parts first, then the Waltham's distinctive safety barrel and then the train.
    The safety barrel used by Waltham is designed in such way, that when you wind the watch, you turn the whole barrel, and it's the inner coil of the mainspring that pulls the (separate) 1st gear. Protects the watch against mainspring break caused damage...

    Name:  DSC00082.JPG
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    This is the 1924 (first 'Colonial') model - slightly flatter than 1894, I think (but not checked)...

    Name:  DSC00084 — kopia.JPG
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    ...and it has this annoying, small pallet bridge, rather unstable when being mounted.
    Still - it's very easy to work on these Walthams (as it is on any other good American movement of the time).
    American watchmakers of the ear were technologically already very advanced and these movements are just very well made.
    In fact, except for some design changes through the past few decades, this movement would look pretty much the same if it were made today.

    Name:  DSC00084.JPG
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    Talking about design changes, this movement still has a single roller escapement and exapansion balance, as well as a stem mounted in the case's pendant.

    Name:  DSC00086.JPG
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    There's little going on under the dial, as Waltham made a very simple keyless works with just two levers, a spring and a pusher.
    The spring can fly away and the mechanism is not as nice as Elgin's one (in my opinion), but it has fewer parts and it was cheaper to make, yet still it works well.

    Name:  DSC00087.JPG
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    I managed to wash the dial with some soap a bit. It's not a god idea to clean these dials, because the paint usually goes off with the dirt, yet in this case it actually worked well on this one (yes, it used to be EVEN WORSE :) ). Myself - unless I see the paint is already comming off the dial and should not be touched at all, I usually give it a try with soap and water to remove the superficial dirt not 'integrated' with the dial yet. Sometimes with good results.

    Name:  DSC00088.JPG
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    Time to case it in it's GF factory case...

    Name:  DSC00090.JPG
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    A nice monogram there...

    Name:  DSC00092.JPG
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    And done!

    Name:  DSC00093.JPG
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    This watch had been moisted, which is a shame, but otherwise it's fine. The blue stain in the balance also tells me the staff had been repaired, but it's well done.
    Nice piece, I think :)
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    Have a great day!!!

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