My Vintage Ebel, Omega and Tissot Steel Faces

Thread: My Vintage Ebel, Omega and Tissot Steel Faces

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    My Vintage Ebel, Omega and Tissot Steel Faces

    I found these watches looking through some old stuff. Seems the original owner really like manual, thin, steel faced watches, but couldn't care less about the date. All three watches run well. Since all three are so similar I am debating weather to service all of them, or just the one I like.

    The Tissot has a crack lens and appears to be a steel case. The sweep is pretty smooth.

    The Ebel has a gold case, but the movement had the words "metal" written on it, with not much more.

    The omega is my favorite and have already worn it on a few business trips. It does have a rust spot between 2 and 3. You can see it's right above the minute hand in the pic. All three watches are pretty thin, but the Omega is really small. It says 14k on the caseback and has a cal. 520 with no date or second hand. It has a little gold notch to pry the caseback off (not even close to water proof). The serial number puts it between 1968-1969.

    There isn't much info online, and most of the vintage Omega Deville usually have the date or "Deville"/"Seamaster" on the dial.

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Re: My Vintage Ebel, Omega and Tissot Steel Faces

    Three nice 'finds' there

    The Omega and Tissot look a similar age, the latter possibly a bit newer.......the Ebel is older, early 60's, maybe 50's??

    If there's one you particularly like, ie, the Omega, then I'd say just service, wear and enjoy that one!!

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