My vintage Liga
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    My vintage Liga

    Hi, I got this one as a present from a friend... so I wore it for about 4 days and went to check how precise it was... to my suprise it was still exactly like my phone time... so I installed and bought an app to measure acuracy.. and here I will post the results... the movement is an AS1538... so is this just luck or is this calibre very good ?? I get +0.4 sec and mostly 0.0 sec...
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    My question is so noob that no one even replied :) hehehe

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    Re: My vintage Liga

    That's pretty amazing, but I'd classify it as good luck.
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    Re: My vintage Liga

    OK, I will give it a stab, then. For a start, I have a few questions:

    1. Did you just wear the watch and it was at close to ±0 deviation after four days? Or did you time it under controlled conditions, e.g. in different positions?
    2. What are the units on the y-axis in your charts?
    3. And what are the yellow peaks and red lines on the chart?
    4. (Something you might not be able to answer) When was the watch last serviced? Years ago or very recently?
    5. What is the current amplitude of the balance?

    The fact of the matter is that there are lots of things to be considered. You might have a watch that looks normal to lousy when compared in different positions but on the wrist, it runs close to ±0. This is because the constant movement of the wrist equalizes out the positional differences. This is why tourbillons are such a waste of time in real life and only excel under strictly controlled COSC test conditions.

    If you have two watches and one loses 15 seconds every day without fail whereas the other runs at ±0 on average but deviates strongly around this (+10, -8, +3, -9, etc.), the former is by far the better watch even though it takes a more stringent test to tell that. It should be feasible to get this one to ±0 with no deviations by just turning the screw on the balance cock whereas the other needs at least a complete service or even parts replacement and it may not be possible to ever get it running as well as the first watch.

    Having said all that, generic movements were never necessarily bad just because they were generic. The best Chronos test I ever saw was done on an ETA 2824 with a difference of only 1 second between the different positions and the whole watch regulated close to ±0. It is possible - but generally, with a fairly standard movement, you are a little lucky to achieve it.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Hi.. I measured it face up on my table... it was serviced 2 years ago, I am not sure what the X and Y meens, The yellow lines are clock sound and the red is pulse.. it takes average readings in 5 second intervals... when I rotate the watch and measure the readings change.. the reason for my post was basically it seems to me that even cheap vintage watches are able to keep good time and generic movements can be pretty good... thank you for your time and your post :)

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