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    My Wakmann Incabloc

    I got around to taking a few pictures of my Wakmann Incabloc watch. It is from the earily 1970's.
    Thanks for looking

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    Re: My Wakmann Incabloc

    If you do get serious about selling, please post on the sales corner, not here. This forum is for discussion only. Thanks for your co-operation.

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    Re: My Wakmann Incabloc

    The watch is from the early seventies, as you say, and has a Valjoux Cal. 7734 (the one that is now made as the Poljot 3313). "Incabloc" is not part of the name, nor a model name, but simply refers to the fact that it has Incabloc shockproofing on the balance. Incabloc have such a dominant place in the watch industry in that regard that in the old days, they sometimes forced the lesser makers to put their name on the dial as well. This was obviously a ghastly prospect for companies like Jaeger LeCoultre, Rolex and Patek Philippe - which is why they use "Kif" instead!

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