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    Mysterious Huske Matic Kapitan

    Recent affordable purchase from Jurgensgermany. Awaiting arrival. 1950s automatic. Gold re-plated case. PUW 25 jewels cal. 570 first introduced in 1957 I believe. Jurgens states watch made in 1950s. They have no more information on this. I see it was listed on WUS sales 12 years ago by Jurgens along with a few other vintage. They guess it might have been produced by a company no longer in business. A google of Huske only turns up this watch. Nothing else. A mystery. Was posted on the German Watch Forum recently and over 200 mystified viewers did not respond. Mysterious.
    Can anyone here provide any information or analysis at all? Or will this remain the Kapitan of Mystery? Thank you Jurgensgermany
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