Need advise on Bienne restoration, help!

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Thread: Need advise on Bienne restoration, help!

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    Need advise on Bienne restoration, help!

    Hello all,

    Last year I posted a some pictures about some Omegas I inherited:

    Vintage Omegas and parts help

    I ended up sending the Vintage Chronograph to Bienne to be restored through an Omega boutique. I was advise by some members not to touch the dial, so I included that note in the instructions. After a few months I received the following estimate:

    Watch information

    Watch Model ....OTHERS
    Serial .12143130
    Watch Style ....MEN'S
    Case ...YELLOW GOLD
    Dial ...GOLD
    Attachment .....WITHOUT

    Conditions received


    - We have received your pre-authorization card for this repair.
    - The movement shows signs of water damage.
    - The dial is stained.
    - The dial and/or hands have oxidized.
    - One or more case lugs are deformed
    - The case back shows signs of scratches and/or dents.
    - Certain components may remain original or be replaced with aesthetically similar components.
    - Although certain components have been replaced to provide protection from moisture and dust we recommend that the watch
    - not come in direct contact with water, such as from a shower, sauna or swimming pool.
    - The crystal is scratched.

    Repair Status

    Date ...Description ....Status
    12/09/2011 .....Repair Received ........Completed
    12/21/2011 .....Repair Approved ........Completed
    12/21/2011 .....Waiting For Parts ......Completed
    12/27/2011 .....Repair in Process at Brand Headquarters ........Completed
    02/14/2012 .....Technical Diagnosis ....Completed
    02/14/2012 .....Waiting For Approval ...In progress

    Estimate Details


    Reference Description Quantity Sugg. Retail
    O898CS0050 RESTORATION OF THE DIAL 1 950.00
    O898CS0050 RESTORATION OF THE CASE 1 170.00
    SHIPPING Shipping cost 1 0.00
    TAX Tax 1 0.00
    SubTotal 6 2270.00
    O898CS0050 CALF BROWN STRAP 1 100.00
    Total 7 2370.00

    My biggest concern is the "Restoration of the dial". We had been going back and forth with the lady at the boutique, and she tells me that I cannot remove that from the estimate. Apparently in order for them to proceed that has to be done. What do you guys think? Should I proceed or should I ask for the watch back and send it to Nesbit's? The dial as you can see from the pictures has stains and is missing some of the letters/numbers on the outer edge (i.e. tachymeter...).

    As always thank you,


    PS: I posted this on the Omega section...thought it would be ok to post it here as well.
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    Re: Need advise on Bienne restoration, help!

    Hi Khronos,

    What currency is the quote in?

    As for your question... I would say its up to you? Will you wear/get more enjoyment out of the watch if the dial is restored?

    At the price they are quoting (if in Euros/Dollars/Pounds), it looks like you should be getting a perfect restoration - that is to say, it should be a reproduction of the original, with correct dial font, in the correct locations! But I would want confirmation that was the case... I would like to add, I see no reason why the dial has to be restored!!

    Im assuming most people (inc myself) would say, dont redial..... the original patina/wear gives the watch character.... which was the result of years of use - from whoever you inherited from!

    I would not want all the scratches removed from the case either.......

    For me, if this belonged to my father/grandfather and had great sentimental connections..... a pefect restoration in my eyes, would be a complete overhaul of the movement into perfect working order. I would not want all the proof this watch was worn for many years by my loved one to be lost...

    But as i say at the start.... this is your call? If its going to sit in a drawer, as you dont like the dial and wont wear it........

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    Re: Need advise on Bienne restoration, help!

    Personally, the whole watch (dial, case and movement) looks good enough to be kept in that state. If you go to the original maker, you always get an exceedingly conservative quote - any slight stain is highlighted so you can't blame them for missing something later (and so they can do a lot for as much cash as possible in the service!). If the watch will work without parts replacement, there is no need to get it working absolutely perfectly with a lot of parts replacement. As far as the dial is concerned, if I don't even get the choice of leaving it in that state, that would be a good reason for me to turn down the offer.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Need advise on Bienne restoration, help!

    Those prices are extremely high.

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    Re: Need advise on Bienne restoration, help!

    Quote Originally Posted by Outta Time View Post
    Those prices are extremely high.
    It's Omega! All of the work can be done cheaper elsewhere, including the dial. It is the nature of the beast.
    "Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson

    "The watch has to be surrounded by a history.
    You need more than just a great design. You need to create an atmosphere around the product.
    Who is the company behind it? Why are they using this material?
    People need to be able to identify the watch with themselves. It's based on emotion." - Ralph Furter

    ...that's just my opinion and I've been wrong before and will be again and might be now!

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    Re: Need advise on Bienne restoration, help!

    If you send it to omega in bienne it will come back like a new watch and no doubt about it, but if you are using a boutique near you they might not send it to bienne but a swatch group in your area and trust me seen this done before by others on the omega forum, so if sending deal direct with bienne on the omega site, but like others I would send it to nesbits always do good work or they is also archers you will see him posting on the omega forum and the bonus he does a step by step process with pics of the work he carried out. If you like the character go somewhere else for cheaper if you want to spend the money on it looking new Bienne will do that. But for me keep the character.

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    Re: Need advise on Bienne restoration, help!


    Quotation in Switzerland is in CHF, 2.370.- CHF = 1.973.- €.
    I looked at the old thread. If you really want to have a "new" watch without the character and charm of a vintage like that, you have to accept the price.
    I wouldn´t do that - a little bit smooth cleaning and polishing should be enough, and a service on the movement, of course. But it´s your decision, you´re the one who has to wear it.
    Best regards, Mike

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    Re: Need advise on Bienne restoration, help!

    Although it is hard to say for sure without having the watch in hand but the dial appears to be in decent shape and may not necessarily require refinishing. The only time a refinish is required here is when the lacquer, paint or luminous material is crumbling apart at which point there is a risk of the material getting into the mechanism.
    My two cents. :)

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    Re: Need advise on Bienne restoration, help!

    Wow, that is a lot of money. Although parts for this calibre are getting harder to find, and expensive.

    Do I read it right - it sounds like the work is already done... Odd.

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    Re: Need advise on Bienne restoration, help!

    I had my watch maker rebuilt the movement of my f300 ( battery leaked) but he suggested that the dial was sent to Bienne.
    The dial cost me 400 CI$, approx 480 USD. The result is fantastic.
    As the movement is an unusual one, and your lokal watchmaker might have problems, I would send it to Bienne.

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