Need eduaction on Bulova

Thread: Need eduaction on Bulova

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    Need eduaction on Bulova

    I recenlty inherited a 30+ years near-mint condition all steel Bulova Oceanopgraher (it says super waterproof). I don't know much about vintage Bulova or the history. Any info. on vintage Bulova will be appreciated.

    Also, I am planning to send it to Universal Watch Repair for a complete service. Does anyone from this forum have any experience with them? Any recommedation will be appreciated!


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    Re: Need eduaction on Bulova

    Bulova is a classic American-Swiss company. It began selling watches in the early 1920s and made millions of movements in its own Swiss factory. Many of these movements were cased and timed in the USA.
    "Oceanographer" was a name used by Bulova dive watch models in the late 1960s and 1970s.
    Bulova imports all of its production these days although some of its top end models are still Swiss Made. A lot of Bulovas/Caravelles come from Asia nowadays.
    Sorry don't know anything about Universal Watch Repair.

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