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Thread: Need help identifying Granpas Watch

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    Re: Need help identifying Granpas Watch

    I believe fixing the second one is not worth it. It would be nice to hear it working though! It is the oldest thing in my house!

    Silke, thank you for the ebay link! I just need to get it measured, as it is in tenth of a milimeters, and going to order it!

    Guys, please suggest what cleaning I should ask for by watchmaker for the first one? I am totaly inexpierienced in this. I just read, that polishing is bad for the watch as it removes some metal from the surface.

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    Re: Need help identifying Granpas Watch

    Just an ordinary COA (clean, oil, adjust) should do the trick. Normally, the case gets cleaned as well but it shouldn't entail polishing - and the case doesn't really need it. All the scratching is superficial and you are correct: polishing will remove a little of the material and make the case engravings fade. The COA should be manageable for any decent watchmaker. Just make sure you don't find a jeweller - he will botch it or outsource the job to a watchmaker (and charge extra for acting as the go between!).

    Hartmut Richter

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