Need help identifying a pocketwatch
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Thread: Need help identifying a pocketwatch

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    Need help identifying a pocketwatch

    I need help identifying a pocketwatch. Actually, I believe it is a ladies necklace watch. Pictures are below. Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Need help identifying a pocketwatch

    dcsprojim...Hello. This looks to be Swiss, late 1800's, in a Silver case. It uses what's called a "Cylinder Escapement", which was very popular in watches of this era, and, indeed, had been used extensively in Europe since the late 1700's. It is a "Pin Set" watch, wherein the hour and minute hand are set by depressing the pin at 1 o'clock, while the crown ( 'winding button' ) is turned. The dial is enamel, hand-painted, and features Roman Numerals.

    Although not indicated on the movement , this old Swiss pocket watch may use 7 Jewels, usually--although not necessarily...--applied to the Escapement. Then again, it's not possible to be certain, without examining the watch. Jewels were used to reduce friction, and are not valuable in and of themselves. A top-grade Swiss watch from this time period, might use 20 jewels, and the Swiss have long been fond of using 15 jewels, and used to describe such a watch as 'Fully Jeweled'...indeed, Rolex used 15 jewels in a number of their early timepieces.

    The golden-colored "Balance Whee" is described as three-spoke, solid, uncompensated. It may be low-carat gold...some used 9K. My guess, is that this wheel is brass, possibly gilt...this was a surface treatment that looked like gold, and would not tarnish like brass.

    This is a nice Swiss watch, that 'should' (!) clean-up well, and run to a decent rate...say, a minute or two a day. There were many such pieces, and quite a few are still around. A nice timepiece from another Century, and one thoat should be around for many more years.

    Enjoy! Michael ps: any good independent watchmaker should be able to Service your watch, and ( to my mind ), should charge 'not-too-much'...!
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    Thank you for the information. It was given to me by my grandfather. I am trying to decide if I want to pass it on to my son. I will have it cleaned and maintained first though. I might wait until he is a little older than 25 though so he can appreciate it more. Any idea of the approximate value?

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    Re: Need help identifying a pocketwatch

    I don't think valuations are allowed but I can say your piece is valuable mostly as a beautiful piece of history and a family heirloom, worth fixing up just for that.
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