Need help with identity
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Thread: Need help with identity

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    Need help with identity

    Hello all, I've been watching reruns of the Sweeney and John Thaw's character, Jack Regan wears the same watch in every episode.

    Here is a screen shot

    Sorry it's the best I can do

    What do you think it is? My guess is a Marvin or a Waltham, anyone else want to chime in?


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    Re: Need help with identity

    My first thought was Marvin as well.
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    Re: Need help with identity

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    Re: Need help with identity

    I think Glycine, but might as well be Fortis?
    Or, going by a short search in Mikrolisk, it can also be a Badenia, Foresta, Ducado...
    Have a look here:
    All trademarks listed under the keyword "Krone". The symbol over the script on the dial of the pictured watch is in my opinion a crown... in some 85%.

    If you drew a straight line under that symbol, the "arms" would form two acute angles with that line, and rather narrow ones too... Bad resolution of the picture makes it blurry, so assuming it's not a crown and betting on that 15%, it might be a Movado or Mondia as well. But that is unlikely and I would bet on Glycine or Fortis.
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    Re: Need help with identity

    Marvin was the first thought, but it can't be fitted to letters. I'd say also Glycine, but Movado is also a slight possibility.
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    Re: Need help with identity

    Hermes and Hermes Ducado perhaps,but Glycine more probable.
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