Need help please(identification)

Thread: Need help please(identification)

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    Need help please(identification)

    Hello everyone,

    I got this exemplar from my granddad. Unfortunately he couldnt give me any information about this watch.
    On the other side of the watch serial number(or whatever it is) is 15466443 and cover`s serial is 6118714.
    What is this watch approximate price ?

    I would appreciate any help
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    Re: Need help please(identification)

    Looks like a 1906 Waltham. This from the NAWCC database:

    Start: End: First:15465501 Last:15467500 Model:1899
    Material:U Grade:No. 625,
    Size:16 Size:16 Plate:3/4 Plate: Jewelling: Jewels:17
    Bal:Pat. Reg. - Breg. HS

    Check eBay for prices.
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    Re: Need help please(identification)

    It's a Waltham 16 size,open face ,model 1899,grade 625,17 jewel,from the serial no it was made around 1906.How is the time set ? If it like todays watches you pull up the crown it would be pendent set but if you have to screw off the bezel and there is a lever on the side of the dial it's lever set and you have to pull the lever out to set the time.
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    Re: Need help please(identification)

    The Members have ID'd the watch for you. We do not give valuations here though. Please read our sticky notes for reasons why.

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    Re: Need help please(identification)

    Nice, good quality watch by a good maker. Send it to a watchmaker before you do anything else.
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