Need help with pocket watch id

Thread: Need help with pocket watch id

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    Need help with pocket watch id

    I have a pocket watch that has no name on it.Only thing is the watch case is Dennison .Movement seial No is198796C .It has a white face,winder at 3 O'Clock and sub second hand at 6.Can anyone help me get some idea what it is.

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    Re: Need help with pocket watch id

    I know nothing about pocket watches, but the people who do will need to see pictures - including of the movement.

    Dennison produced cases for many different companies (including Rolex). This article gives an overview of his life:

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    Re: Need help with pocket watch id

    Please read our sticky note on vintage watch identification. We can't do much of anything without photographs of the movement, dial and case.
    It sounds like you have a hunter case movement but that is all I can tell you at this point.

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