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    Need information about an old watch

    I recently found an old watch in my parents house, i thought that it was beautiful so they let me have it. I was wondering if anyone know more about this watch, what its worth and if its worth fixing? Its marked with Tärnan 17 rubis and Antimagnetic. The only thing on the back is a number: 14251.
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    Re: Need information about an old watch

    Hi and welcome.

    Its not a brand listed in the usual places:, Mikrolisk - was Feines für die Tasche... - Das Informationsportal rund um die Taschenuhr!

    We don't attempt valuations in here. But check what similar watches fetch on ebay. As an obscure brand - and there are many - it would be similar to 'Chronographe Suisse' watches of near identical appearance. It probably has a Landeron movement and may date back to the 1940s or 50's.

    Whether its worth fixing would depend on what is wrong with it - but chronographs are tricky and complicated so they are never cheap to get repaired. But with a new crystal and running properly, it would be a very nice, wearable, watch.
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    Re: Need information about an old watch

    Its a very nice, classic looking chronograph. Chronograph's tend to keep their value well, but they can be tricky and expensive to service. The block pushers suggest that it's older, so Marrick's estimate seems accurate to me. The use of the word "rubis" on the dial tells us it was likely made for European consumption. I did some googling, and I think it's acutally Tärnan; note the umlaut on either side of the A in the picture. This site gives a bit of info on the original brand: Tempus Fugit: TÄRNAN

    In 2010, Franck J. and his wife applied for the right to use the defunct trade mark TÄRNAN. Being herself from Sweden, Mrs. J. is an essential advisor on budgeting and aesthetic matters.

    Little information is available on the brand TÄRNAN, but the trade mark was signed on watches imported in Scandinavia during the 50’s and the 60’s. There are earlier silver pocket watches but vintage classical, military, sports and diving TÄRNAN watches often appear in auctions or vintage stores throughout Sweden and neighboring countries.
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