Need instructions for Benrus Watch
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Thread: Need instructions for Benrus Watch

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    Need instructions for Benrus Watch

    My watch has stopped working. I tried to get it repaired and was told by jeweler they don't work on those watches. It was suggested to scrap and make a nice ring or pendant with the diamonds and gold..that will be a last resort... I am looking for instructions on how to remove case to get serial number and finding watch repair that specializes in Benrus era watches.
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    Re: Need instructions for Benrus Watch

    Welcome to Watchuseek! When you want to have a watch like that serviced, you need to go to a watchmaker, not a jeweller. The latter can't do anything with these things except replace the battery in the quartz versions and this one will be mechanical. At worst, these ignorant nincompoops afford advice such as the one that you were given: trash the watch and turn it into jewellery. Why? Because they make money out of a conversion but will never make money out of servicing it (because they are incapable of it)!

    Realistically, this one is worth very little as a watch since few people want these. Even the ladies these days want watches the size of dinner plates on their wrist so these things are in huge supply and with almost no demnad. This is a great pity since they still work well and keep good time if properly serviced. If you want to wear it after having it serviced (and once you do, it should work for several years without problems, after which another service will make it work for several more years without problems), you should try the sticky at the top of the forum page ("Watch repair by geographical location") which should help you find someone in your vicinity.

    Good luck!

    Hartmut Richter
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    Re: Need instructions for Benrus Watch

    Hello. These watches are easy to service, and a good watchmaker should have no trouble cleaning your Benrus, and giving it a second chance at a good life.

    Unless you really need the money, it seems to me that your watch should be kept just the way it is...I agree with Hartmut, in that there is not much of a market for this style...then again, I have long felt that the time will come, when such pieces, as your Benrus, will become popular again...they really are little Works of Art, and Generations as yet unborn, will thank those of us who preserve them. Michael.

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