Need pocket watch info
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Thread: Need pocket watch info

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    Need pocket watch info

    Need info on watch, value, year, etc. It does run, thank you. Number inside case is 3253956, then there is a b and number 1 below it. It is a omega pocket watch.

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    Re: Need pocket watch info

    How is it you're able to find a webforum and post a question like this, but you can't just Google the serial number for a year yourself? To give you info, we'd need pictures; the serial itself probably isn't enough. For value, we'd need a crystal ball, since it's nearly impossible to accurately value a watch without having it in hand so that you can see the subtleties that even a high res picture would provide.

    That said, Omega Pocket Watches don't tend to be worth much. Check Ebay for examples, and ignore the overpriced "conversions" originating in the Ukraine.
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