Need some help identifying this movement

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    Need some help identifying this movement


    i am am new to the forums and new to watchmaking etc. please bear with me if I trip on something here. Also please know I would not be asking if I hadn't already searched

    That said I purchased a bunch of "junk/ loose movements in need of repairs etc in order to practice repairs and amongst them found this movement. It is marked A,A, Hammond but this seems to be a private label that was also found on the dial. It came in a silver salesmens case with no markings. It is an 15j 16s stem wound movement with some interesting demasceneing.
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    Obviously it it has some unique features such as the nautilus regulator that looks very similar to some C.H. Meylan movements but there is no evidence of the crest anywhere I can see. It also bears resemblance to some Agassiz movements with the regulator and in particular the hair spring mounting stud, but I could find none of those with the more modern winding wheels setup nor with the the balance cock mounted to the right side. It also had a different style retainer for the winding pinion than I have seen on American movements, lastly the winding wheels caps and the regulator parts are finished in a flat iron sort of finish not the typical polished finish on most watches. I suspect this is a finish as the teeth of the gears are polished from when they were cut but not the faces etc.

    Some posts seemed to indicate longines made nautilus regulators but I could not find anything remotely even close to this. Searches for Bedford come up blank and it doesn't appear to be a grade name either.

    I welcome any any guidance you can share to help me figure out who made this interesting movement.

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    Re: Need some help identifying this movement


    All I could fine was a Samuel Hammond. A New York Jeweller and watchmaker/movement importer circa: 1900's.


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    Thanks for the info. I wish I could find some more info on who made the movement. It's just got some unique features.

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