Need Specs or similar info for this Sandoz Watch.

Thread: Need Specs or similar info for this Sandoz Watch.

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    Need Specs or similar info for this Sandoz Watch.

    Hello all,

    I have a hard time posting from my phone but I'll give it a go.

    Can anybody fill me in on the specs/history of this watch? Anything unique about it? Ive tried searching for the info online but didnt find anything of the same sort. What type of dial is this that makes it look so crystalish? Is there any other watch male(preferably)/female(possible Gf future watch) that is similar?

    The little that I do know, sounds like some of the older Sandoz are legit but nowadays I've read that you find not necessarily knock offs, but bad crafted Sandoz from India (online sellers) with bad painted dials and such. I wasnt a fan of most of the Sandoz I had seen, but then i came across this piece. Now normally I'm a pretty plain person and like the standard colors grey, black, white, silver/gold. But this dial had me at first glance. Reminds me of....let's just say a homage to the dial of something non watch related. If I get some replies I'll throw in the homage picture.

    Hopefully this post is in the right forum section, if not please direct me to the right one. Thanks for your time.
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    Re: Need Specs or similar info for this Sandoz Watch.

    Moved to the more suitable forum.

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    Re: Need Specs or similar info for this Sandoz Watch.

    The movement is marked under the balance wheel - FHF 908 - you can see a page on that movement here:

    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: FHF 908

    The dial finish looks like Hammertone type paint, more often used on tools and for industrial uses. It has sometimes been used on watch dials, ie, some Bulova Accutrons.

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