Needing more info on this watch - any help?

Thread: Needing more info on this watch - any help?

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    Question Needing more info on this watch - any help?

    Hi all,
    I am curious to know anything at all about this pocket watch i picked up. Unfortunately it doesn't work, i think the spring is hooped.
    It appears to have a porcelain face with silver (tarnished) hands. I opened up the back, it says its Swiss Made. It also has very small engravements in on the back inner plate
    (the engravements are hard to read without a magnifying lens, so they might be off a bit)
    L9118 (the "L" is giant compared to the "9118")




    On the inner workings it says Swiss made
    It also has
    R A
    S F
    With a little Vine design underneath it.

    The engravments are Very small and easily passed by. They dont look machined... more carved into it.
    the metal appears to be steel or something... (rust in one part)

    It also has a small button on the outside to set the time with... i have never seen that one before!

    But besides that, i have no other info on it and would like to know a bit more about it. If anyone has any links, or clues about it i would be greatly appreciative!

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    Re: Needing more info on this watch - any help?

    Whatever engraved on the watch housing inner cover is the markings from the watchmakers who have serviced the watch in the past. These are in their own individual code and apart from clear statements of year can't be used as identification. I am sure someone with better knowledge of swiss watches will be able to tell you more.
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    Re: Needing more info on this watch - any help?

    Well, it's a rather uninspiring "Roskopf" style pin pallet movement from the early part of the last century. The sort of thing that is robust and will give you decent service in good condition, although it will never be terribly accurate. If it is bust, however, it will certainly not be worth restoring, at least not from a plain monetary view - you will always put in more than it will be worth afterwards.

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    Re: Needing more info on this watch - any help?

    Thanks for the info!
    How much do you think it would be worth as is?

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    Re: Needing more info on this watch - any help?

    Hi -

    Please read the sticky post at the top of the forum: we don't do valuations here, nor can anyone give you one based on a picture on the internet...


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    Re: Needing more info on this watch - any help?

    I can't speak to its "Value", but this type of watch typically isn't highly sought after. Original Roskopf watches incite some interest, but the design was widely copied and often dressed up as higher quality then it was, leading many to deride them as "swiss fake" watches. This one looks honest, and is actually jeweled to the fourth wheel, suggesting it was made after the turn of the century.
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