Needs some assistance with a vintage Doxa

Thread: Needs some assistance with a vintage Doxa

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    Needs some assistance with a vintage Doxa

    A friend of mine from work who is from Romania and knew I was into watches brought in his vintage Doxa he received from his grandmother. He says it is about 60 years old, there are some numbers on the case back and he wanted to know if these are model numbers or identification number and where could he go to find info regarding the numbers


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    Re: Needs some assistance with a vintage Doxa

    From what I understand about the serial number system with Doxa the first 2 numbers denote the date of manufacture, yours being (65) 1965, the style of the watch would back this up. FV
    Nice watch BTW..
    I have one too, a bit earlier date, they are very nice watches with great movements.. Enjoy.

    There is only word of mouth info available, the records for this company were destroyed in a flood.
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