New Arrival Rolex 6532 Oyster Perpetual
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Thread: New Arrival Rolex 6532 Oyster Perpetual

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    New Arrival Rolex 6532 Oyster Perpetual

    Hi, I posted this over on the Rolex forum, but as it is a vintage I thought you might like to see it also.

    I have just received this beauty and have to say I absolutely LOVE it. Clean, simple design. What more could you ask?

    It has a Rolex crown with a cross beneath it. Now I have never seen one with this before. Is it unusual?
    Any information regarding this would be appreciated.

    The previous owner mentioned something to do with this being the reference for the original "deepsea" Rolex. Can anyone elaborate?

    Someone on another forum asked me a couple of questions that you might be able to assist me with. Is this a Chronometer movement? I would think that if it was it would have said so on the dial, but can anyone confirm?

    Also, is this a bubble back? The back does come out a bit, but then it is flat, so is it a semi-bubble back?

    As previously stated any information regarding this is most appreciated

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    Re: New Arrival Rolex 6532 Oyster Perpetual

    Hi Sharky, I´m not an expert on the topic but I´m curious, so maybe these links could help you to answer some of your doubts.;pg=1

    saludos amigo
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    Re: New Arrival Rolex 6532 Oyster Perpetual

    Yes, that is a beautiful, understated Rolex of past!
    No unneccesary writing on the dial, clean and legible markers! Class!
    Any chance of a movement pic?

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    Re: New Arrival Rolex 6532 Oyster Perpetual

    Hi Sharky
    I have just inherited a watch the same as yours! Only difference being my watch has a stainless steel strap as opposed to your leather strap. I have taken it to the shop where my Grandfathers second wife purchased the watch in 1978. The Rolex guy removed the strap to find a "serial" number. The number began with 21 with 4 other numbers which had unfortunately been worn off due to the strap. This makes the watch pre 1942 the year the number changed to 22 plus 4 numbers.
    Not having a clue about Rolex watches we thought it was a 1978 watch but it would seem my step granny had bought it second hand then. It was quite a shock when I found out it was in fact a vintage model.
    The guy I spoke to in the shop is the grandson of the original owner, his father is now the owner. He thought his father may know a bit about the watch so I will keep you posted if I receive any more information!


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    Re: New Arrival Rolex 6532 Oyster Perpetual


    And we'd like to see some pictures - it sounds nice.
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    Re: New Arrival Rolex 6532 Oyster Perpetual

    That's my favorite Rolex most of today's Rolex watches as gauche in comparison.

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