New Here: Can anyone help me out?

Thread: New Here: Can anyone help me out?

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    New Here: Can anyone help me out?

    I acquired a family heirloom watch. Branded "Nicolet" Its an old gold pocket watch with a fisherman on the front and an engraved back. it was from my great grandfather who was born in 1915 so I am not able to give you and accurate date of when the watch was manufactured. below I have included pictures and I was curious of the

    How many were made (if possible)

    I have spent several hours trying to find information on the watch but came up with nothing, was hoping there was a professional/enthusiast/collector here who could help me out.


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    Re: New Here: Can anyone help me out?

    I found this place (in a brief search, there are probably others):
    antique watch questions
    I'd ask someone like them.
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    Re: New Here: Can anyone help me out?

    It looks very modern to me. Does it say 'quartz' on the dial?
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