New to me Haas Neveux&Co. Pocket Watch
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Thread: New to me Haas Neveux&Co. Pocket Watch

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    New to me Haas Neveux&Co. Pocket Watch

    I recently started a pocket watch collection and obtained the third addition today. I was not familiar with the manufacturer but liked the look of the watch and especially the movement.

    Research indicated it is a reputable brand and the watch appeared from the pictures to be in good shape and I ended up winning it.

    The case is 18k gold and is 45mm. It was gifted when new and bears the initials of the original owner as well as a personal inscription on the inside cover. It weighs almost 59 grams and is yellow gold. The crystal has turned yellow but the dial is in good shape with some patina around the edges. The hands are not in good shape and in fact I broke the minute hand when I took the crystal off, hopefully, I can find identical replacements.

    The movement is a 21 jewel 8 adjustments and has the Geneva seal but I can't find any numbers on it and a search of Dr. Ranfft's site didn't list any movements by Haas that I could find. It is not running but the balance wheel moves freely and the second hand moves.

    Overall I'm very pleased with it and it is in remarkably good shape so now it's off to be serviced and put in the original working state.

    I would welcome any info and comments.

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    Re: New to me Haas Neveux&Co. Pocket Watch

    Replace the crystal would be my first comment. Outgassing from that is what rusted the hands. Otherwise looks very nice. Typically French style layout of the barrel bridge which is also found in that end of Switzerland.
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    Re: New to me Haas Neveux&Co. Pocket Watch

    Hello! A very nice watch. They're listed in the "Complete Price Guide to Watches"...started in 1848, and made many, high-grade pieces. Keep the broken hand: repairs may be possible, & replacement hands @ original=almost impossible to find!! Also: consider a new, Swiss white-steel mainspring: older, blue-steel items do fail, & serious damage can result. I've always thought Haas-Neveux to be among the Best Swiss makers...a Real Find! Enjoy. Michael.
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    Re: New to me Haas Neveux&Co. Pocket Watch

    To me, the movement looks Patek-ish. If you look up Patek movements in Ranfft, they have a very similar layout. None of them exactly the same, but these movements and the one in your watch share a lot of features.
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