New member, bought an obscure French watch

Thread: New member, bought an obscure French watch

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    New member, bought an obscure French watch

    Just got interested in vintage watches not too long ago through a forum on wetshaving, and have found the information here to be very helpful. I purchased my first wind-up vintage watch a week ago. It is a totally obscure brandname (so obscure I can't find information on it ANYWHERE), and I don't know anything about the movement because I haven't been to a watchmaker yet to have it cleaned.

    It's a Sir Niles 17j wind up with date, and the face says it is from France. Anyone who might have any info at all about it, I'd love to hear it. I'm just using it as a practice watch as I've never owned a wind-up before, and I'm notoriously rough on watches. I've decided my next one will probably be an early 60's Omega or Tissot.

    Here is a photo:

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    Re: New member, bought an obscure French watch

    Thanks for posting and welcome.
    Looks to me like a 1960s model. We would need to see the movement to try an ID though. The brand is not familiar to me. Sorry.

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    Re: New member, bought an obscure French watch

    Dave, that is a very classic looking watch.
    The numerals are really great. It is reminisent of a Benrus
    I have.
    Sorry, I am not familiar with the brand either.


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    Re: New member, bought an obscure French watch

    ... again, we LOVE movement pics! They tell a lot, kinda like seeing the attic / basement of a house
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    Re: New member, bought an obscure French watch

    Beautyful 60 watch! I just love the numbers! Several manufacturers made very similar dials, basically clones of each other!
    Was the watch made for UK/US market? Might explain the "Sir Niles" name!
    The French market would prefer something more French sounding, like "Seigneur Nileaux" or similar !

    It will be interesting to se the works.

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