New pick-up: AS 1475 surprise

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    New pick-up: AS 1475 surprise

    Its not that excoting I know but the story is:

    I've been playing around on the bay and saw this AS1475. I have a thing for bellmatics and crickets too. I had a funny hunch that the description of "not working" was exaggerated but cant say why. Said it ran a little fast and the alarm didnt work.

    Shreve Crump and Lowe was a Boston jeweler similar to BaileyBanks and Biddle so no big score there. Concord signed the AS movement. But when it came today-it not only was in spectacularly clean condition but the caseback was shifted which of course blocked the alarm knacker from striking.

    The good part-I won this for $40 and expected to have it serviced. Now its accurate and alarming well.
    Next up are a couple of connies I won too but I probably will just keep one.
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    Re: New pick-up: AS 1475 surprise

    Excellent buying - its always nice when a gamble pays off.

    An extra Christmas present for yourself.
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    Please don't PM me to ask for a valuation - I won't attempt one.

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