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    New to pocket watches

    I don't know what happened (well, actually I do -- sort of), but I find myself in the midst of a new fascination with pocket watches.
    This seems like a likely place to find help, sympathy, encouragement, wisdom, etc.
    Apart from a handfull of broken and rusted Elgin movements I bought to try some watchmaking skills on, I purchased just
    recently a Hamilton 992, which is amazingly beautiful and humming along nicely -- but I find myself interested in perhaps
    another pocket watch -- how do I turn this into a question? What would be sensible next steps? Stop all this now before
    it consumes me might be good advice. What about looking for a nice Illinois or Waltham? Any advice if I wanted to head
    in that direction? Anyway greetings to all of you, and any suggestions and advice will be gratefully considered.

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    Re: New to pocket watches

    It sounds like you are in the States. In which case, you are going down the right direction (at least model and brand wise - providing you get the right quality and don't overpay). If you have access to European watches, the best in the pocket watch sector about the turn of the century and inter-war are Zenith, Omega, Longines and IWC. Their strength over the competition is what made American watches great: industrialised production! They can often be had for very reasonable cash if they are in silver cases (gold has a premium - rarer and more material value).

    Hartmut Richter

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