New unknown movement
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Thread: New unknown movement

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    New unknown movement

    Hi good people.
    My new buy last days. Just an ordinary anonymous movement. But when disassembled it, I found out very nice perlage, Maltese Cross spring regulator, pretty main plate. I shall do my best to make it running properly.
    But, any idea about brand? I am unable to find it in Ranfft Archive, so please for assistance.

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    Main plate after cleaning. Not sure should I disassemble small plate on last pic.

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    Thanks and regards
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    Re: New unknown movement

    No idea but a wonderful peace .

    Thanks for showing
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    That's what I think about today:

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    Re: New unknown movement

    By the looks of it, the little plate is just a cap-jewel holder. Possibly attempting to "compete" with the higher-grade American 19 jewel watches? From the back, the jewels all seem to be rubbed into the pillar plate, and the dial side suggests that there are jewels rubbed into the add-on plate as well. I can't tell if the holes for the fourth and third wheel on the add-on plate are just empty holes from the pics or if they have additional pierced jewels in them.

    Regardless, it's mostly pointless to put cap jewels on the dial side of a watch to the exclusion of the caps jewels on the back. These cap jewels only come into play if the watch is dial down, which is a pretty unnatural position for a watch. Even a wrist watch wouldn't be expected to spend most of its time tilted in a dial-down position. Thus, I can only assume that the goal was to allow claiming of a higher jewel count for sales purposes.
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