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    Newbie here, please help

    Hello all. I am new to this forum and to watch collecting. Recently opened up my great uncle's safe deposit box and found this pocket watch. I have searched for information on New York Standard Watch Company and determined this watch was probably made around 1888. The serial # on the movement is 52228. The case is stamped "warranted 14K U.S. Assay". The heavy gold chain makes me believe my great aunt wore it as a necklace watch. The gold case has greenish-yellow coloring on the leaves surrounding a crest on one side and a bird on the other. After so many years sitting dormant, it started ticking with the first wind and is running beautifully. Is there any rarity to this piece? Any comments or opinions are welcome.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Newbie here, please help

    Unfortunately ladies watches are not in as high demand as gents. So the value is usually melt (the value of the gold melted down) plus a small premium. Beyond that we generally don't make estimates.

    THIS is a reference to the NY Standard Watch company history. Case serial numbers are not generally useful in dating a watch. The serial number on the movement itself is often useful. The reference will give you dating as to serial number.

    This was a very nice case and watch in its day. But it should be serviced before winding it anymore as the oils are no doubt dried up and damage can result from use.

    An Heirloom!! That makes it rare in itself!
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    Re: Newbie here, please help

    The movement photo is too blurry to be very useful, and you don't mention how big it is. From what I've seen, NY Standard watches aren't super collectible at the best of times (with a couple of notable exceptions that I don't think apply to yours, based on the look of the plate layout). As Eeeb mentioned, smaller watches are even less so. Hunting case, on the other hand, are always worth more, and this one looks particularly nice, so there's some good collectibility in that regardless of what the movement is. How wide is the actual movment (the silvery part in the back)?
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