Newly Arrived Arco BFG 90 Alarm Watch
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Thread: Newly Arrived Arco BFG 90 Alarm Watch

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    Newly Arrived Arco BFG 90 Alarm Watch

    I took a chance on this one. Bad crystal. Stem will not stay in. Not running but good staff. Obvious oil drops on the movement. But $ why not try.

    Had to get all the oil off. Had to dip the hairspring. Clean. Oil pivots. Replace crystal. Funniest thing I that in all the parts I have been sorting there has been only one BFG stem....turned out to be just the right one for this movement. The reason the stem kept coming was cut too short. Cut and filed the one I had and put the crown on

    The 2 multi color dots change as you wind it and stop when it is wound yet you can forever wind it as both the winding weels continue to slip. You can't over wind it and break the springs.

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    Re: Newly Arrived Arco BFG 90 Alarm Watch

    Very nice work on the clean up, always like these alarm watches.

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