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    Not just Dollar Watches

    My dollar watch passion isn't my only pocket watch collecting venue, Here are a couple of classic American RR Watches I'd like to share with folks the first is an Illinois Bunn Special 60 Hr 21 Jewel 161A Type IIP, Model 15,
    Elinvar,Interrupted Ray Damaskeening, Elinvar on Pillar Plate, 161A on Barrel Bridge, Adjusted to 6 Positions, Made in 1924.

    The second is a Hamilton 950 B, 23 Jewel, Adjusted to 6 Positions Made in the 1950's. These are 2 of the Premier RR Watches ever made in the U.S. Hope you all enjoy these.

    Rob31 NAWCC Ch. 106,149
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    Re: Not just Dollar Watches

    Hi Rob
    Like your Bunn Special real nice the Hamilton's nice too here is a post I did on my Bunn special yours has a nicer movement

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