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    Nurse Watches - Historical Info?


    I'm trying to find out any information about nurse watches (those upside down lapel watches nurses would wear). I can guess much about the one i've got, but I'd like to know when they became popular, who first made them, etc. Any kind of useful info. Does anyone know where i might find any kind of historical reference on this? Thanks!

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    Re: Nurse Watches - Historical Info?

    Sorry no information in any texts I have. They are mostly pocket watch books, unfortunately not suitable for nursing research. Perhaps other members will be able to help.
    A quick check of the Internet shows that there were examples of them around as early as 100 years ago and these likely evolved from ladies' pendant watches.
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    Re: Nurse Watches - Historical Info?

    I've read text describing wealthy people pinning small pocket watches to their clothes as early as the 1700s but I don't think nursing really became a profession until the mid 1800s

    The vast majority of watches that I've seen that people have called nurse's watches date from the early 1900s. Perhaps nurses could actually afford them by then.

    In the end, I think the term "nurse's watch" is just a marketing term that is generically applied to conversion watches and pendant watches and are the same things, only differing by how they were worn

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    Re: Nurse Watches - Historical Info?

    No history...just this:

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    Re: Nurse Watches - Historical Info?

    This article from the NY Times of 1907:

    Miss F.L. Gress, a trained nurse, who lives at 408 West Fifty-seventh Street, while walking in that street from Madison Avenue to Ninth Avenue on Tuesday afternoon, lost her gold hunting case watch. She says it became detached from the hook on which she was wearing it, and that she did not notice its fall to the sidewalk, as she was hurrying along to get to a patient.

    implies that it wasn't a special watch, but that it was worn 'on a hook'.

    This is nice:
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