Odd novelty thin p.w. Waltham

Thread: Odd novelty thin p.w. Waltham

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    Odd novelty thin p.w. Waltham

    Posted this last week. Have found nothing written about it. I guess because the Waltham Opera Watch survived as a fairly popular item for maximum thiness but this similar one did not. 1913 3/0 size mvt. 46mm diameter. Brooklyn watch case co. Shown with 0 size same age w.w. Any historical info appreciated very much.
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    Re: Odd novelty thin p.w. Waltham

    A similar watch, but an Elgin with a size 0 movement, appeared in a thread over on the NAWCC Message Board this past week. There was some discussion as to type. I posted that I had found a late 1890s Elgin pamphlet that called this style a chatelaine watch and that's what I suggest yours is.

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