Off topic: Calling all vintage pilots watch owners
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Thread: Off topic: Calling all vintage pilots watch owners

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    Off topic: Calling all vintage pilots watch owners

    So you've got your self a vintage pilots watch, what else do you need? A vintage pilots jacket?, a Cockpit clock as a desk clock? perhaps, but how about this as the ultimate accessory to your watch,
    Platinum Fighter Sales | Warbird and Classic Aircraft For Sale

    Any takers?

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    Re: Calling all vintage pilots watch owners

    Ah! there`s nothing like the sound of a spitfire engine when it turns into an attacking dive......kinda like the old fire sirens only more menacing........sorry,what was the question (ha ha) ......oh yes,nah ,if i had a garage big enough for one it would be full of antique clocks lol.
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    Re: Calling all vintage pilots watch owners

    Nice, but you know there's a certain ex-BBC presenter that'll see your Hispano Buchon and raise you a Lightning

    Agreed Apollo', Merlins are magnificent engines, fantastic noise. I was told a story that there is a Merlin engine sitting on the bottom of a lake near here. IIRC it was in a race boat that flipped, crashed and sank a few decades ago and was never found & recovered.
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    Re: Calling all vintage pilots watch owners

    Hmmm... Should I take a loan and buy a MiG-17? And a Poljot-Strela chrono? Ummm... No. But maybe a Strela alone will do.
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