Old 6 size Waltham. Finest quality?

Thread: Old 6 size Waltham. Finest quality?

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    Old 6 size Waltham. Finest quality?

    Is this one shown here the OM model? Have several of these in fancy cases without this appearance of quality. 16 jewel? 3million+ serial. What does OM mean? EDIT: Just learned OM is 1891 00 size American Watch Co. highest grade. This one is 1890 model possibly the best grade for that common 6 size model. Still do not know what OM means. The Maximus is normally considered best of the Waltham lady watches. 0 size Maximus mvt. only shown.

    ADDED 10/10 from a forum image of the best little 1891 00 size, smaller than 0 size, called OM. Far left.
    These 3 represent the best little pre 1900 lady watches 6 size and smaller from Waltham in my opinion. Would like to see more and better.
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