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    Old Armitron watch

    So I acquired a, Armitron 20/4000 2105(3) JAPAN MOVT, watch from my grandfather. I've been trying to find out a little bit about this watch like the year it was made etc. But could not find anything about it. Perhaps someone on here could help me or now a little about it. Thanks!

    I attached a photo That i found on the internet. Hopefully it helps.

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    Re: Old Armitron watch

    A relatively low priced vendor of watches, Armitron is available at Target and other big box vendors. The watches are made in Asia and I have never seen any that were non-quartz. It is really impossible to date this watch as the design reflects no specific era beyond post-1990.

    They are the modern equivalent of Ingersoll dollar watches. Many are put into drawers when the owner discovers a battery replacement can cost almost as much as the watch. Then someday the drawer's collection is brought to a kiosk watch vendor for new batteries and the owner suddenly has a bunch of watches!
    "Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson

    "The watch has to be surrounded by a history.
    You need more than just a great design. You need to create an atmosphere around the product.
    Who is the company behind it? Why are they using this material?
    People need to be able to identify the watch with themselves. It's based on emotion." - Ralph Furter

    ...that's just my opinion and I've been wrong before and will be again and might be now!

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