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    Old Elgin Pocketwatch

    Hi everyone,
    I have an old Elgin pocket watch that my grandfather gave me. I am 47 years old, so I am figuring this watch is from the 1800's. Anyway it's an Elgin watch, roman numerals for numbers & circle at the bottom for seconds. It still runs great.. When you open the watch to see time, on the other side there is some numbers & a tiny picture of an anchor on the inside plate.
    I could not make out the numbers, but on the other side of the watch, on the inside plate, it says "Dueber", with the numbers 2322 1226
    The pitures on it , front=a bird on right hand side, flower below it and what looks to be an edge of a picture frame with a half circle around the bird.
    Back-same bird, same flower,half circle, but this time in the circle there is a farm house, or looks like a farm house.
    The watch is gold in color not silver.

    Has anyone ever come accross this watch & am wondering if anyone would no how much it would be worth?

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    Re: Old Elgin Pocketwatch

    Hi -

    First of all, welcome to the forum. Hope we can help you!

    Without pictures it's almost impossible to do so, however.

    And regarding value: please read the sticky note at the top of the forum as to why we do NOT provide valuations here: it's not fair to you, to any buyer, or to the watch.


    PS: I deleted your other post as it duplicated this one...
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    Re: Old Elgin Pocketwatch


    i'm sure the monetary value of the watch is a far lesser concern for you than the rich history and sentimental value it holds. elgin is one of the great american watch companies. i believe they produced more watches than any other domestic manufacturer. their quality ranged from bare-bones to excellent. the common man could afford a simple 7 jewel elgin and it would last a good long time. the railroad man could rely on his bw raymond to keep railroad time. in the waning days of the company's existence, they pushed further than any other US maker by producing automatics with free sprung balances. unfortunately, it was too late to save them.

    post a picture of your family heirloom. it will help those who know far more than i identify it.

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    Re: Old Elgin Pocketwatch

    It still runs great..
    Now it does. But it won't run great for very long if you don't have it serviced by a qualified watchmaker. Make that a priority.
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