Old Geneve pocket watch.

Thread: Old Geneve pocket watch.

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    Old Geneve pocket watch.

    Hi! I have agold pocket watch, is very very old...it was of my
    grandfather... is written in the front side "MYREX GENEVE - SWISS MADE"
    and in the back side "ANCRE - LIGNE DROITE - SPIRAL BREGUET - 15 RUBIS" i
    was wondering how much is worth and the fabrication year? I send you many
    images of the watch. I hope you can help me, thank´s !!
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    Re: Old Geneve pocket watch.

    1920s I would say.I like that fancy fob more than the watch itself.Nice!
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    Re: Old Geneve pocket watch.

    That's a nice watch!!

    Probably from the 1920s as Jeddy says. 15 jewels (which was a pretty decent movement) and with a Breuget-style hairspring. We're not jewellers or watchmakers or antiques dealers here, so we can't tell you how much it's worth. Best to take it to a watchmaker or jeweller to find out that information.

    It's a very, very nice watch, though. Get it serviced and wear it with pride.
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