Old IWC wristwatch.

Thread: Old IWC wristwatch.

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    Old IWC wristwatch.


    Firstly: I apologize for my bad English language.

    My name is Róbert. I'm from Slovakia.
    I have this watch and I wont to sell it, but I dont know what kind of watch it is and what a value it has.
    Name:  IWC polozene na bok.jpg
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Size:  187.6 KBName:  IWC v ruke.jpg
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Size:  201.3 KBName:  IWC nalezato.jpg
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    Can you please tell me something about this watch?

    Thanks for feedback.

    Yours sincerely, Róbert
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    Re: Old IWC wristwatch.

    We need to see the insides (the movement) to say much. Measurements would help too.

    But I suspect this watch is a pocket watch removed from the original case and placed into a new case to allow it to be sold as a wrist watch. If an original wrist watch, there should be some hallmarking on the case to date it.
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    Re: Old IWC wristwatch.

    I hope that's enough
    Name:  Punc.jpg
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    Re: Old IWC wristwatch.

    At that size (compare the picture with the fingers), it is unlikely to be a recased pocket watch. Probably an early ladies watch from the twenties or thirties.

    Hartmut Richter

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