Old Movado Chronograph pusher question
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Thread: Old Movado Chronograph pusher question

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    Old Movado Chronograph pusher question

    I just acquired this watch and really love it (especially the distressed dial) despite it not being perfect. I note that one pusher looks a little different than the other and am guessing that maybe one had an outer sleeve or plating that is now gone. One looks stainless and sharp and the other dull - short of nickel colored - and also a slight bit smaller than the other which makes me think it once had an outer layer or sleeve.

    Does anyone know more about these pushers? I suppose to find a good match I'll have to keep searching eBay.

    Even though this watch is smallish it is chunky and the movement beautifully made. One good thing is the caseback serial no. matches on the last 4 digits of the no. between the lugs. Just above the hour register one can see the remnants of 'non-magnetic'. Not sure why someone wanted to put all the scratches on inside of the case back.

    Comments welcome.

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    Re: Old Movado Chronograph pusher question

    It does look like the pusher on the one side had a cap that is missing. Still looks nice the way it is.

    Mine look like this:
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    Re: Old Movado Chronograph pusher question

    Bad news, I'm afraid.

    Those pushers are impossible to source. By that I mean that there are no NOS examples available, so it would be necessary to find a parts watch, and they aren't likely to be cheap.

    Yours do appear to be a mismatch, which is odd.

    For further interest, those pushers were also used on the Mido Multicenterchronos, and...certain Patek Philippe chronos!


    Tony C.
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    Re: Old Movado Chronograph pusher question

    Hi cvilleresident

    Sorry I'm late on this, but I also have the issue with my Movado M95's pushers. My case is worse, the pushers are not original, and one was lost during the time on wrist.

    I don't know where I can find this, even though I'm asking around. But if I got some info, I'll definitely let you know. If you do, please let me know, too.

    Your Movado looks excellent though the dial is a bit faded.

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    Re: Old Movado Chronograph pusher question

    I'm new to this forum so I can't post the image of mine, please take a look at my Instagram @bimbim1207 . Thanks!

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    Re: Old Movado Chronograph pusher question

    OP - As Ron suggested, I think the outer caps have gone missing. The different finish on the pushers is simply down to variable plating quality or other wear-related action on the surface.

    You could get a jeweller or casemaker to make new caps. Not a bit deal for a craftsman.

    Or you could get the remaining sub pusher plated.

    bimbim - You can probably get quite close with replacement pushers from Ofrei - take a look at the page link.

    As Tony says, a part like this would be hard/impossible to find. None of my solutions is 'authentic' but then neither is having the sub assembly on show.
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