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    Omega 1947

    My latest aquisition. I got it for about 130$. I thought it to be a good price for such a piece. Serial dates it to 1947, it's a caliber 283. VVhat do you think? Was it a good deal?
    Also the cro
    wn is signed which I find odd, knowing that this practice was introduced in the 50's. Am I corect or has omega signed it's crowns before these years? Also the case is not signed but i suspect it is original. What do you think?
    The cristal I suspect to be ne
    w, the watch has a signed dial, movement and caseback

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    Re: Omega 1947

    As far as hands are considered,they look to me like typical for 1950s.
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    Re: Omega 1947

    It's a good deal if you're satisfied with the watch after paying $130.
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