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    Omega 26,5 SOB

    Hi everyone!
    I just got this omega on ebay and would like to have some assistance about it.
    It comes with the calibre 26,5 Sob I think and the serial dates it back to 1933.
    The dial looks a bit odd to me. Never seen that kind of luminous hands on this particular model either.
    Any thoughts?
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    Re: Omega 26,5 SOB

    juts my impression: A) the dial does look odd but it probably is an Omega dial. B) the hands are wrong for that dial and C) I think you have a small pocket or lapel watch movemnt that was recased into a wristwatch. . The dial could be from a womens decorative pocket/lapel watch. Does the caseback have any Omega markings?
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    Re: Omega 26,5 SOB

    Here's my thoughts:

    1. I think the dial is original from the 1930's. I've seen several that are very close if not exactly the same.

    2. I think the hands are of the original style, if not original to that particular watch. Remember that it was not unusual to for hands to be routinely replaced at service time. Also, my experience is that radium on dials ages differently than radium on hands. Not sure why, but it does.

    3. Men's watches were much smaller in the 1930's than now. I don't think this was intended to be a women's watch, although there may have been some women's models that used this movement.

    This is not your first 26,5 powered Omega, is it?

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    I have the same watch with a different dial:

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    Take care,

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