Omega Automatic Geneve. Year manufacter? Crown size?

Thread: Omega Automatic Geneve. Year manufacter? Crown size?

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    Omega Automatic Geneve. Year manufacter? Crown size?


    I have an Omega Automatic Geneve with date. Can you tell me from what year/period is the wristwatch?
    The case is inscribed with the serial 1660163 and on the movement is inscribed 35429577 and 1012.
    I think that means the wristwatch has a cal. 1012.

    Are any sites of Omega wristwatches where you can type the serial and you know when was made the watch?
    From what I remember, is a site for Waltham watches. Or I am wrong?

    The wristwatch has not a crown. Can you tell me what size of crown I need for the wristwatch?
    A seller of Omega crowns said me I need a 4.6 mm crown. He said me after I sent him the serial from the case.
    Now, he sold 4.6 mm crowns. He has 4.5 mm crown and thinks it fits. What do you think?
    I measured the circle from crown position, and the ax is between 2 and 3 mm.

    I shall appreciate some answers. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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    Re: Omega Automatic Geneve. Year manufacter? Crown size?

    1973-1975, years the Omega 101x series of movements were introduced. Check ofrei, you can order the crown if you have the case number
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    Re: Omega Automatic Geneve. Year manufacter? Crown size?

    1972-1973, according to Omega's vintage database:

    OMEGA Watches: Vintage Watches Database

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    Re: Omega Automatic Geneve. Year manufacter? Crown size?

    Thank you, georges zaslavsky, for the information about ofrei. I contacted ofrei staff and I received an answer about the crown. They don't have in stock the crown and it cost 39.96 dollars + shipping + custom fees. It is expensive for me.
    This is the information from ofrei site:

    Omega Crown Stainless Steel 42052/42527 w/Separate Female Stem Adapter
    Fits case numbers: 14775, 135.017, 135.0017, 136.017, 136.0017, 136.019, 136.0019, 136.0102, 136.102, 165.001, 165.002, 165.005, 166.001, 166.002, 166.003, 166.028, 166.029, 166.032, 166.036, 166.037, 166.0037, 166.052, 166.060, 166.086, 166.087, 166.089, 166.090, 166.109, 166.0109 166.110, 166.0110, 166.125, 166.0125, 166.127, 166.0127, 166.155, 166.0155, 166.163, 166.0163, 166.164, 166.0164, 166.169, 166.0169, 166.170, 166.0170, 166.172, 166.0172, 166.173, 166.0173, 166.0174, 166.188, 166.0188, 166.190, 166.0190, 166.190-91, 166.0190-91, 166.192, 166.0192, 168.022, 168.023, 168.033, 168.0033, 168.053, 168.0053, 168.061, 168.0061, 168.065, 168.0065. Comes with a separate female adapter.

    Has anyone an Omega wristwatch with a serial of the above?
    It would be nice if a person who has an Omega with a serial of the above could measure the crown.

    Thank you, o.v.e, for the information about Omega's vintage database. I checked and my wristwatch is made in 1972.

    I am expecting an answer. Thank you. Enjoy the Olympic Games! Have a nice week.
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