Hello everybody, I am almost newbie to the world of pocket watches.
As a poor student I bought russian Molnija from 1990's and have been wearing it till now.
Last week I found Omega for amount I could afford - I am not allowed to post images, please check my account gallery.

I understand it is not very special, but I think it is in good condition.
I have few questions about marks on the inner face of the case - there are big "U" and either 8 (inner case) or 9 (outer case).
There are also very thinly scratched numbers - one look like monogram with a date P or F and June 29th 1929 (which does not correspond to the manufacture date, but it can be explained by reselling).
Last mark says 65599 - any ideas? pawnbroker sign?

I would appreciate any notes or opinions about my new treasure.