Not sure exactly what forum this is best posted in, i have it in the watchmaking forum also.

Are there common/typical causes of incomplete day/date advances with an Omega Ca. 751. Are there common/known issues with the movement that causes that? It's just off slightly, but enough to notice. The day rotates a bit too far to the downside (towards the 4 hr marker) and the date doesn't rotate far enough down so it's closer to the upside (towards the 2 hr marker).

Is it a relatively easy fix for a hobby watch tinkerer? I have done some minor to major disassemble (and successfully reassemble!!!) of several ETA movements (2824, 2836, 2892) but never an older it something I may reasonably expect to maybe handle? Can I get needed parts at Ofrei?

I just picked up the watch, I don't know much about the service history of the movement except the movement was serviced (disassembled, cleaned, oiled) in 2003. Not sure if any other corrective work was done at that time.

Thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated.