Omega Constellation circa 1957. Is it fake?

Thread: Omega Constellation circa 1957. Is it fake?

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    Omega Constellation circa 1957. Is it fake?

    Hi Folks. I have done a lot of research on this and still am unable to determine whether my watch is genuine or not.

    It's an Omega Constellation.
    serial: 15,383,806

    Inside cover says:
    2852-2, SC, waterproof
    patent + 315.164
    with a 505 movement.
    I think it's a 'KO 2852'.

    I am concerned that :
    1. the star on the front points at 6 o'clock instead of 12 and also
    2. there's no "Swiss Made" on the front. Other than that everything seems to check out.

    Here's the ebay link with pictures. I have about 3 more days to return it before it's too late.

    Thanks for any help you experts can offer!

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    Re: Omega Constellation circa 1957. Is it fake?

    The orientation of the star matches this one from my Shuggart. Crown looks like it was replaced though. The "Swiss Made" may be under the bezel.
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    Re: Omega Constellation circa 1957. Is it fake?

    I am not sure. Everything looks right for a mid 50s Omega... except for the dial. The lack of 'swiss' and something about the lettering bothers me. But the delamination of the lacquer indicates a dial of about the correct age.

    To me, a tossup based on the available pics. I might have a positive or negative opinion if I could hold it in my hand...

    The folks in the Omega forum as well as others here may see more than I.
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    Re: Omega Constellation circa 1957. Is it fake?

    Looks like another Omega with differences in the colour of the gold plating between different movement parts! Could point to a "mariage" (combination from several different identical watches). On the other hand, this one isn't in overall super clean condition either.....

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    Re: Omega Constellation circa 1957. Is it fake?

    Dial was redone at some point and is now aged again. Movement looks odd with all the different colors suggesting an amalgamation of parts from different watches.

    I know of the seller and am not impressed by their offerings in general.

    Final price was probably close to market value for the watch in the offered condition.

    Hope this helps,

    P.S. The picture from the Shugart book shows a very poorly redone dial. The star on the dial should always point upwards on any original Constellation dial from this era.

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    Re: Omega Constellation circa 1957. Is it fake?

    Quite the aging on the dial, but looks like an older redial. Crown not original. Movement looks "worked on" as gatorcpa says. All the different colors of parts are the giveaway. Case is way over-polished.
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