Omega crown problem?

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    Omega crown problem?

    HI all,new here so not sure if this is the corrct board to post this? think this is the wrong board so have now posted on the Omega board,please delete if needed.

    I think I may have a problem with my Omega 120 166.073,when manually winding the watch the crown starts slipping after 1-2 turns,with a click click sound as it turns,everything else seems fine with the watch,it has just been serviced by a good watchmaker,Omega vintage approved, so is still under guarantee,I called and spoke to the watchmaker and he said yes it was a problem,so sent it for repair but I am now getting the same problem only 2-3 weeks later,as it's the holidays it's closed so was hoping you guys could help as it's my first vintage watch,I'm not sure if I've just been unlucky as the watchmaker said the first time around,which was only a week or two after the service or the watchmaker is missing the problem, as to have the same issue only weeks apart does seem unlikely,any help welcome.
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    Re: Omega crown problem?

    I'm not a watchmaker/ repairer, but that sounds like a fairly simple fix for a competent repair shop. You might be better served looking for another shop. There are search functions here and on the NAWCC website to locate a proper watchmaker
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