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    Omega Pocket Watch

    ...New Post as Vintage Omega Pocket Watch inc Pics...
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    Re: Omega Pocket Watch

    Hello, I own an automobile. It says Ford on the front. I think it was made in the 1990's. The engine says 5.0 on top. Can you tell me more about it?

    Without pictures, we can say nothing. It would be better for you to wait until you have all the information available for us to look at.


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    Re: Omega Pocket Watch

    I have updated with more info and pictures.

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    Vintage Omega Pocket Watch

    I have recently purchased this Omega Pocket Watch while in Europe. The stamped number inside is 3751875, (according to this it dates approximately 1911?)
    There is also another number that is stamped on each side of the hinge, 751 675 (I think).
    I am wondering if you have any information about my watch and condition. I do not know much about the watch apart from it had sat unused for many years. It winds and works perfectly keeping good time. I have read however, that if it has sat unused for years, then it should be serviced to keep it working as it will seize.
    I would appreciate any information/care advice.
    Kind Regards
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    Re: Vintage Omega Pocket Watch

    Hello there,
    The calibre appears to be the same as in my pocket Omega from around 1920- it's an 18SPB.
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Omega 18SPB
    If it has not been used in years, it has to be serviced- cleaned and oiled. Otherwise, you can expect things like axles getting jammed to happen.
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    Re: Vintage Omega Pocket Watch

    Two threads on the same subject merged. Please avoid double posting. Thanks.

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