Omega Seamaster '70 (cal.1010)- Black Dial

Thread: Omega Seamaster '70 (cal.1010)- Black Dial

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    Omega Seamaster '70 (cal.1010)- Black Dial

    I'm a new passionate of omega brand,
    and finally I'm buying my first seamaster (Cal.1010 ).
    But I have a great dubious : I'm not sure that the black dial is original,
    It's hard to me find image on internet, however the font of writings seems to be different from others silver dials :(

    I would expect the tritium to be very aged and brown at the base of each marker. The printing appears flat and not 'embossed'.

    can you advise me a reliable opinion ?

    I don't know very well omega seamaster vintage


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    Re: Omega Seamaster '70 (cal.1010)- Black Dial

    Hi there and welcome!

    Sorry my response is not going be a cheery one!

    If you're new to the world of vintage Omegas, you will soon come across many other watches like this! Redialed? certainly.... before I read your info, I looked at the pics and thought... another redial!! That said, Im kind of happy you are aware this was probably the case.... least me confirming it wont be a shock.

    That said, from the 1 photo of the movement... it looks in ok condition! I have seen much much worse and the redial is not that bad!

    Im sure others will give their ideas.

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    Re: Omega Seamaster '70 (cal.1010)- Black Dial

    Hi Nico.
    Ristampato, not so bad but redialed.

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    Re: Omega Seamaster '70 (cal.1010)- Black Dial

    A redial but a great looking piece, I am also a big omega fan and I started off with a vintage piece.

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